Monday, June 01, 2009

I hate spring

I don't know if I can sleep tonight... In the past 24 hours, I have thrown (literally, with my bare hands) 4 spiders off the premises - at least, off the indoors premises.

There are all kinds of spiders in the world of languages ---

The French spider is quite elegantly long-legged:

araignée (ah-re-nyay)

The German spider is as close as you can get to a cute little round one:

Spinne (shpin-nuh)

And the Spanish spider just sounds like a mean attack spider:

araña (ah-rah-nyuh)

I do hope that none of those spontaneous impressions came across as linguistically discriminatory.


Ma Hoyt said...

I always thought spiders came in in the fall...maybe you had a cool spell and they decided it was too soon to leave the cozy comfort of Sharon's chicken coop.

(still want to wait to get a bed frame?)

Sharon said...

Hmmph... most of the spiders I've had to deal with show up in the spring.

A bed frame wouldn't solve anything, spiders can crawl up them. And frankly, no, I am not going to cave to spider intimidation.

Anonymous said...


Not having realized this through an earlier reading of your post, am I now correct in now observing that in regard to the spiders you took care of.....

You didn't kill them!!?!

Your disillusioned brother,

Sharon said...

Derek! Can you see me killing spiders? Especially if I have to SQUISH them?

I'm a brave soul, but I refuse to wantonly squash out life when I can just as easily throw it out the door.