Sunday, August 24, 2008

Passing the torch

I am so proud of my brother! Jason (apparently) just drove himself all the way from Iowa to Texas, a good 14-hour drive. Now it's his turn to bop around in the little '89 blue Toyota. He DID get to the "independent-with-a-car-at-college" stage one year earlier than me, but I guess we can't hold that against him.

(This may mean nothing to you - but this post is brought to you indoors, courtesy of succesful signal-catching angling! Just in time, as this is the first cool evening post-vernal equinox.)


Anonymous said...

Well, it's a little over 14 hours if you drive straight through and miss no turns. As it was, he made it in a little over 18 hours driving time. Though that does include an overnight stay at Aunt Elizabeth's and a "few" missed turns.

Sharon said...

Oh, that's a good long trip. Well at least he made it.