Wednesday, August 20, 2008

August is Pie Time!

Hi everyone. Not sure who would read this after such sporadic entries, but anyway....

I am trying to reform. Stopped one activity last month and another one gets dumped this month. Now if friends will just stop showing up and visiting, maybe life will calm down.

Despite all the busy-ness, just look how productive I've been! Guess what I made??


Green Tomato Pie!

It was so much fun to make, despite how rather pathetic the crust turned out.

I gave some to friends. Everyone thought it was weird but no one disliked it. Some of them might even have eaten more than the sliver I gave them.

I took some to work and won some small triumphs:

-3 people asked for the recipe
-1 fruit-pie-disliker ate a second bite
-1 tomato-hater said it was pretty good

Everyone tried to guess what it was. Some thought it was green apple, some thought it was pepper, or rhubarb.

All in all it has made for a lot of fun, now to find away to use all my green tomato pie juice. Probably would be yummiest just to drink it, don't you think?

Oh by the way, did you notice? That is the first ever on-blog photo, first try. So give me a break if the formatting ends up terribly, I have no idea how it will actually look.


Anonymous said...

So.....where did you find the green tomatoes?


Ma Hoyt said...

Oh, well done, ma chère :-)

If you think the crust was giving you problems, that usually just means it's tender and flaky.

Winning the world over to green tomato trusting person at a time.

Sharon said...

Kendra, I found the green tomatoes while talking to someone about work about all the tomatoes in his garden. Always make friends everywhere and always keep your ears open!

Mommy, I'm afraid the crust was more along the lines of soft and crumbly - in my opinion - but no one else seemed to care.