Tuesday, September 05, 2006


What a miracle! My blog works. I don't know what happened. Maybe it only works on the fourth and last computer?

Last week we enjoyed much warmer weather, which promptly changed back to nearly frigid cold on Friday. Today is a little better. Just think, spring is coming in less than three weeks!

Here's an event of the week. A good-sized wooden ladder has been sharing the house with Silvina and Emi and I. It has been leaning up against the wall next to the door... the only place for it in this quaint little house... in a relatively stable position. Well, guess what happened Saturday night. I was unlocking for Felipe, a friend who was leaving (both the house door and the gate to our set of houses), and as we went out the door I barely bumped against the ladder. We were just outside when crash the whole thing came down, knocking over a good-sized fan with it. It knocked the gas heater and came within inches of hitting the windows to the kitchen. Of course, nearly everything's funny at such a dark and early hour, so Ale and Emi and Feli and I all had a good laugh over that. Wouldn't you know that this would happen to happen the weekend that Silvina was visiting relatives in Rosario. She is going to have someone look at the heater, but so far it has been working fine.

That's all the time available for today. Tomorrow, who knows... maybe the same computer will be free!

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