Sunday, January 26, 2014

snow day in the "country"

Dear readers,

Today was Sunday, so of course I got up at a decent hour, and was just about ready to hop in the shower when Stacey came out and told me church had been canceled. I was kind of surprised. We had had church a couple weeks ago when the blizzard had begun to set in with nice thick heavy snow. But OK. Snow day! The first thing to do was try to get a little more sleep. But as Anna from Frozen would say (maybe she is rubbing off on me after seeing her in the theater for the 3rd time, heh heh), "The sky's awake, so I'm awake!" So I got up and set my pinto beans to soak and made myself pumpkin custard oatmeal, and had a relaxing time reading the Bible for a while, and then got my financial matters all straightened up and my desk cleaned off and the trash and recycling ready to go out... really quite productive! 

I was going to have lunch with Stacey's family so I took the trash out on the way. I lifted up the one trash bin lid, that one was almost full, so I just put one bag in there. Then I lifted the lid of the other to pop in the 2nd bag... I stared at what looked like the leg of the goat. No, 2 legs. No my goodness, there was a horn and the whole body in fact... Was it dead? Or had it crawled in there to escape the cold for some reason? Well even if it had, it was pretty stiff. How disturbing to touch something that used to be romping and living. Ok well I could fit both trash bags in the other bin after all.

I have to admit I was just a little sad to discover they had plowed our driveway already. I was expecting to get some good fun out of escaping the drive. Once inside town I passed 3 state troopers in a row. Was not sure what they would be doing all together unless there was a drug bust, wouldn't it be better to split up and spread out to help people if necessary in this interesting weather. Not that I would tell law enforcement what to do of course!

Later when I got home I went out to the little neighborhood loop across the way for a little walk. There are like 3 houses on it. It was not that well plowed, so I guess I should not have been surprised when a plow truck came along, when I was on my second lap. I figured one or two times around and he would be done and I could finish my walk in peace... but he just kept going around and around and around! I know I should not get upset at a snowplow but seriously. :)

Well let's see how bad the windchills get and how wildly the snow blocks up the roads tomorrow. Would love to be stuck at home!


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