Sunday, September 15, 2013

sunday afternoon... the last quiet oasis for a while

Dear all,

Another week at least and Sharon has been a major slacker about writing!

As you can see I am good at starting things, but not always so good at keeping them up or finishing.

Well, instead of trying to go day-by-day over all the adventures I've missed, let me at least start with the last week and work backward from there if I have time and have not fallen asleep over my keyboard.

The past week has been busy at work. It was time to start prepping for a week of testing next week. So there were some colleagues who came to Warsaw from other facilities. I only knew one of them but we went out to eat twice, once with another colleague whom we met for the first time this trip. On days like that, my schedule goes something like this: Get up, get ready, go to work. Work all day. Go home around 5pm, work out as much as possible in the time left. Sometimes after errands. Quickly shower and neaten myself up and then run back out to dinner around 7pm. Get home around 9 or 9:30 and then just chill a bit before bed. So as you can see, there goes the whole day - of course it's fun though!

So this week, I have a couple people coming into town specifically to help me out with my part of the testing, and I foresee more of the same... but it is always worth it to spend time with people. And I like to be hospitable for people who come to Warsaw. I should show them some of the nice spots around town, like the Winona Lake area with the Island and canals. And make them brownies too. I remember a couple years ago I made brownies for some colleagues visiting from Switzerland and from Boston area and I think I packaged each up in its own bag with a name tag... Wow I must have been young and energetic then! I don't think I will be going to THAT much effort this time, but I still have to do something! In keeping with my life motto, "Big sister to the world!"

(If any of my brothers are reading this I am sure I just gave them a great opportunity for some eye-rolling! However as most of you know by now, I genuinely mean everything I say unless i follow it up with "I'm joking!")

And here it is late Sunday afternoon, the last oasis of free time before a very busy week followed by a weekend of flying to France followed by a nice intense week mostly in France and 2 days in Switzerland... Very excited about my first overseas business trip, but a little nervous and worried. Just thinking about everything that has to be done for a trip always makes me nervous. Which is funny because I travel a lot and should not be worried about it. What you have to do is just have a packing list in advance and other than that, forget about it, take each day as it comes and don't start packing till the day before you leave if you can help it. And don't try to figure out every detail of the trip and your connections and blah blah blah because the point is to live the adventure, not know it by heart in advance.

I do have to say it has been so good today to go to church and get several chunks of good Bible teaching, and of course time worshiping God and visiting with the rest of the family in Christ. For lunch we went to Stacey's parents' house. Had a yummy meal and then each person was given a huge piece of pie, I really should have asked for mine to be cut in half, but as soon as I saw it in front of me I couldn't resist... the old old story of Sharon and Chocolate. Never ends.

And this afternoon I made a lot of time to read various things.... that was nice! It is a grayish cool afternoon so just perfect for that.

Well, I hope you are all having a fabulous Sunday. And hopefully this brings you a bit up to date and I will try to be prompter with posts in the future,


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