Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Phone Talk

---I almost forgot to put this on the blog! from several weeks ago---

I just love conference calls, because they mean talking to people, and people are so much fun! This afternoon I had a nice conversation with New Jersey, here is how it started...

Sharon: Hi!

NJ 1: Hello Sharon, how are you?

Sharon: Good, how are you guys doing?

NJ 1: Good! How are you on this Friday afternoon?

Sharon: I'm good, hey guess what?! It's snowing here!


NJ 1: It's snowing? Sharon, where are you located?

Sharon: In northern Indiana.

NJ 1: Oh!

NJ 2: Actually I think there is one county in New Jersey that has a chance of getting snow tonight.

Sharon: Ohh, how exciting for you guys.


NJ 2: Not really!

NJ 1: Sharon, do you like the snow?

Sharon: Oh yes, I love snow, I love driving in it!


NJ 2: Definitely not my favorite part! It shouldn't be snowing for another month and a half - there should be a regulation for it.

NJ 1: I like snow on Christmas, for the holidays.

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