Sunday, December 20, 2009

Five Things, for my mother

Well, my darling mother tagged me in one of those "Pass around the fun till we all get dizzy and fall down" chain-blog things. I love my mother - that is, I have a proper fear of her power over Will status - so of course I'll do it. But I'll skip the tagging.

So... just look at the topic! This should be easy!

Five Things I Love:

1) Learning a new language

2) Listening to my brothers and sisters laugh at the movie we're watching

3) Driving on super snowy roads

4) Ironing

5) Eating grapefruit and artichokes (You have to do it first, to understand.)

Just the first five that popped into my head.


Derek said...

Is driving on super snowy roads fun after you have slid off into the ditch out in the middle of nowhere at night with temperatures hovering around zero?

Sharon said...

But Derek, I never go in the ditch. Ever ever ever.