Monday, July 27, 2009

"Fuzzy" studies indeed!

Much as I hate to ever pick on people, I really think this outrage calls for a post.

It was a great weekend with Ardith and some of her LeTourneau pals - and Justin, of course. However, most of them had majored in a nice hard B.S., even my little brother. And we all know - at least, Mr. Vengeful Cynic knows - that everything besides a B.S. is "fuzzy".

Well, I beg to differ. Some of the humanities may be fuzzy, but foreign languages definitely are not. I mean to prove they should be ranked along with math and science. In fact, I'm really shocked that Spanish or Russian or Chinese (especially Chinese...) would not be a B.S.

But plunging into that really calls for a good night's sleep.


Wilson said...

So ... is it that you're tired of having people assume you are literate? Otherwise, I don't see the problem here.

Life as people actually live it is fuzzy. Love is fuzzy, faith is fuzzy, cuisine is fuzzy, music is fuzzy, design is fuzzy, friendship is fuzzy, salesmanship is fuzzy, the things people gather around them in their homes are fuzzy.

What things are nice and precise? The things we walk on, drive over, and relieve ourselves in. The things we use. (And above all, things that don't exist at all.)

Sharon said...

Mr. Wilson, I really think you're taking me way out of context. I'm not complaining about being literate, or trying to pick an argument, and of course life is fuzzy. What I don't understand is the idea that math and science are on one end of the studies spectrum while language is on the other.

But I don't mind bowing to your superior wisdom about what I really meant.

Anonymous said...

Don't bow, Sharon. You're right! Or to be more're correct!
--contributed by someone who has almost no investment in the argument. :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, where I come from, a B.S. is just a B.S. -- it was given to everyone who completed the 4 year degree. The smart people received the B.A. because they ventured into the foreign language realm, and therefore were up-graded to superior B.A.ship.

Sharon said...

All this anonymous support is gratifying albeit quite mystifying, since none of it really sounds like people I know.

Ma Hoyt said...

Anonymous = fuzzy

Foreign languages are a science, ma chère, as I have demonstrated time and again, or...

temps et autretemps.

There is no way one can describe alt-key usage as fuzzy. Why, I, myself, have 2 or 3 of the codes memorized for specific accents.

That didn't just happen overnight.

Personally, I think we need Wilson to elaborate on why "things that don't exist at all" are nice and precise.