Monday, December 22, 2008

I'll be home for Christmas, and not just in my dreams!

When I sing that song I have to sing it that alternative way, because it would be untrue and, frankly, way too depressing to sing the other way! What is Christmas without home?

I know I should be in bed now, 'cause I'm driving home tomorrow. Don't worry. I'll be falling asleep by 10:30 and probably won't get up before 4:30. And go to work, and then leave in the afternoon. I hear it's going to snow tomorrow. Oh boy! I just can't wait to drive home in the snow (don't worry, the ice is Wednesday) and sing Christmas songs all the way. Do you know, I think I sang at least half the way home last Christmas. I had thought it would be such a lo-ong trip, by myself, after having Kendra with me for the Thanksgiving trip... but it went amazingly fast.

Just pray I don't hit a deer. I don't care how terrible the roads are or how terribly people are driving, but deer have me a little paranoid right now.

This is going to be an interesting Christmas because, after the real Christmas in Iowa, it will be time for the post-Christmas holidays down in Texas with lots of cousins!

I hope everyone can get home for Christmas, and has safe travels. If for some reason you can't, I do hope you can talk to them a while, and then have some quiet, peaceful Christmas-time.

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