Saturday, May 10, 2008

New car photos - Edited

Okay, as promised, here are some photos of the lovely new '95 Honda Civic - that is, a link to an album with some photos:

Hopefully that works. If it doesn't work I'll scream.

Just kidding!

I even threw in a couple photos of our place, for free.


Edit Note: Apparently that copy-and-paste line above doesn't work. Let's skip the screaming and follow Mommy's bright idea:

Go down the sidebar to the Photos section
Click on "Photobucket Albums"
(You will be on my main Photobucket page)
On the list of Albums at the left, click on "Warsaw 2008"
Bingo, you're there.

As mentioned before - you are welcome to view anything I have on that Photobucket link.

1 comment:

Ma Hoyt said...

Start screaming.

Maybe I did something wrong, but copying and pasting the link didn't work for me.

HOWEVER, I scrolled down your link list and went to photobucket, then went to the left where all your albums are named, didn't see one specifically labeled "car," so I went to the bottom, clicked on "more," and "Warsaw 2008" came up. That's it.