Saturday, January 19, 2008

Thursday morning's adventure

Thursday morning I got up at 5:00 as always, had my lunch all packed and was ready to walk out the door right at 6:50.

Then I realized my keys weren't lying on the floor by my purse. In fact, they weren't in my purse either. In fact, they weren't in my coat pocket or yesterday's pants pocket or dumped on the closet floor or left on top of the microwave... they weren't anywhere!

I was getting worried for about five minutes of perplexed searching, till I remembered that spare car key I had had made (after locking myself out of the car the second time). Well, that was all right, then, as long as I could get to work! Just had to leave the door unlocked and hope Stacey was around or at least not out of the country when I got home. After that, it was just funny. Funny imagining what I would have done without any keys whatsoever, and funny imagining what I was going to do... laughing kept me warm all the way to work.

I was walking into the building when I noticed that my coat was hitting the leg rather more firmly than usual. Whoops... yep... there actually was a little hole in one coat pocket corner, and they had slipped all the way to the lining.

That was funny too, only not so funny as it would have been to not find them at all. Oh well.


Thainamu said...

Yay, I'm glad they weren't really too far lost. I've duplicated and hidden keys for everything I own because I can't spend any more time in my life worrying about getting locked out. I figure the chances of me locking myself out are much greater than a thief ever finding the hidden key and doing me mischief.

Ma Hoyt said...

Sharon...that's what you get for buying clothes at Goodwill. I should know. are way too organized.

Sharon said...

Thainamu, you are organized, more than I aspire to be!

Yes mother dear, you are right. Another thing to check before buying: pocket seams.

Ma Hoyt said...

I was not so much offering advice, my dear, but rather making a self-deprecating remark concerning our penchant for buying from Goodwill :-)