Saturday, November 17, 2007


Why don't people like country music?


Ma Hoyt said...

Ah but see...I like country music. And not just the bluegrass stuff anymore, I even listen to Country Moose 93.9 FM.

I wouldn't want to hear it all day, but there is a refreshing unpretentiousness about some of the songs. And there are some that fall to a lower level...but I don't like everything in "art music", (the generic "classical") either.

One thing I will draw the line on...I don't care to hear country western singers do Christmas music.

I think one of the main reasons some people say they don't like country is that they consider it to be the pulp fiction of music.

Like Nancy Drew, it might be better than not reading (or not listening to music) at all, but the really highbrow and cerebral people disdain that style of music.

Fortunately I've never been accused of being overly smart...

And then there are some people that genuinely do not care for that style of music.

Sharon said...

It sounds like you hit on all the reasons, Mommy!

I think another one is that people like to disdain something, especially with the support pf others. It develops a special bond between them - like the one that exists between all the non-fans of the Yankees.

Ma Hoyt said...

Exactly. And that's why we should start an organization that disdains people who disdain the Yankees.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps also, one should consider more deeply the aspects of country music. Why can anyone truly enjoy country music (above other types of music at least) when it involves a singer strumming on gi'tar or a banjo and singing in a nasal tone. Why at least , when someone could appreciate a concerti grosso by a Baroque composer or a piano prelude by a Romantic composer much better.
At least with these, you have appreciation in mind and soul, for the Baroque piece; and for a Romantic piece, there is a measure of greater orderliness, sofistication, and higher enjoyment than that which country music can give.
Don't take me wrong, I still like bluegrass music, but it doesn't instill as much of a pleasing environment as classical music does.


Sharon said...

Well Derek, I like baroque music too, but that doesn't make it superior in every way to country music.